Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass is a stomach-altering procedure that helps you lose weight effectively. This procedure aims to help you consume less food by dividing the stomach into a small pouch and rearranging the small intestine. This pouch is connected directly to your small intestine, speeding up absorption and digestion.

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How Does A Gastric Sleeve Work?

The gastric bypass works by dividing the stomach into two uneven parts; the pouch and a larger part of the stomach which focuses on secreting juices that support digestion. Also known as Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, the procedure is highly effective and could cause as much as an 85% drop in excess weight within the 6 to 18 months of surgery.

Bariatric surgery alters the way the different parts of your stomach interact with one another. After surgery, this alteration reduces food consumption as the pouch fills up quickly and shortens the timeline between absorption and digestion.

Bariatric surgery usually involves an open cut in the stomach. However, this puts the patient at a higher risk of infection and elongates the recovery period.

The Procedure is performed under a general anaesthetic. The entire procedure takes about one – two hours to perform, after which the patient is taken to the hospital ward to rest and is closely monitored by a specialised bariatric nursing team and it is a requirement for a 1 night stay in the hospital.

Important Facts To Know Before Preparing For Weight Loss Surgery?

If you are preparing for bariatric surgery, it is vital to the surgery that you restrict your feeding to a liquid diet to ease your stomach and liver on the build up to the date of your planned procedure. Being on a liquid diet reduces the risk of complications during your gastric resection and boosts your weight loss journey post-surgery. You should also ensure to include multivitamins and any other supplements recommended by your doctor during your pre & post-surgery phase. A full pre and post diet plan will be provided by a specialised Clinical Dietician to aid your weight loss journey.

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