Body Contouring

Procedure Overview:

Imagine if you could sculpt your body into your dream figure. That’s what body contouring is. It removes stubborn fat and loose skin whilst simultaneously sculpting your body into a slenderer shape.

What is Breast Body Contouring?

You might have heard of it called body sculpting. It’s a procedure that kills fat cells and shapes baggy skin. This is useful for those parts of the body that are hard to trim with exercise and healthy eating. For example, baggy skin around your neck, arms, back, belly, buttocks, and thighs.

It negatively affects our morale when our hard work is going to waste. Avoiding the foods you love and completing exhausting exercises quickly loses its appeal when you’re still unable to shift fat. This negativity can then switch from our morale to our self-esteem. Poor self-confidence can have severe effects on our mental health and relationships.

Trimming fat shouldn’t trim your entire bank balance. In other words, this life-changing procedure shouldn’t be exclusive to those with a high budget. This is why we offer you cost-effective medical tourism in the UK, Turkey, Spain, and Poland.

However, it’s not just your budget that we protect. It’s your safety. Our procedures are only offered by trusted partners who have been vetted by our medical team. Each clinic has an impeccable track record and a list of accreditations. You’ll only ever be referred to a professional who has the knowledge and experience to complete this treatment to the high-class standard that we promise.

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Benefits Of Body Contouring

  • Look and feel younger
  • Increase your confidence
  • Sculpt your body into your desired shape
  • Remove stubborn fat
  • One procedure can target multiple areas of the body

Body Contouring:

Body contouring can be complete in different ways. For example, it can be combined with liposuction. This will be discussed in your initial consultation. This consultation is an opportunity for you to go over your goals and ask any questions. It’s also an opportunity for us to check that this surgery is safe and right for you.

You’ll be put under general or local anaesthetic for the procedure. This will depend on what has been decided during your consultation. Once you’re under, small incisions will be made in the targeted areas. The surgeon will then reposition and sculpt the tissue into your desired shape.

Excess skin is then trimmed from the area. The steps that take place after this depend on the procedure. Typically, they will involve eliminating or removing fat through liposuction or another process. Once this fat is removed and your body has been moulded into the shape of your dreams, the incisions are stitched up.

Depending on the method of surgery, recovery can range from a few days to a couple of weeks. We understand that you might still have some questions before you start buying clothes in your new size. This is why we offer a 27/7 UK coordinator for pre-and post-op support. No matter where you have your surgery, you know that there is always someone on hand to help.

Before and After

Below are a few examples of body contouring procedures carried out by our partners. As you can see, the results are life-changing. Our clients now feel better about the way they look. They can finally fit into clothes that were previously unavailable to them. More importantly, they’re no longer worried about their appearance and have more love for themselves than ever before.


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