Bum Lift

Procedure Overview:

Bum lifts allow you to feel confident from front to back. They’re a cosmetic procedure that removes baggy skin from around your buttocks and leaves them looking toned.

What is a Bum Lift?

A bum lift is like a tummy tuck. However, as the name suggests, it’s used on your buttocks instead of your stomach. It works by tightening the skin around your bum to leave it looking tighter and more toned.

Baggy skin in this area is hard to shift, even if you are going to the gym three times a week. Bum lifts allow you to look like you do 100 squats a day without making you feel like you have.

Loving our body plays a large role in our mental health. And yes, this is the same for those parts of our body that we can’t always see. Looking good helps us to feel good. Whether that’s looking good for our partners or ourselves. That’s why bum lifts do more than just tone your backside. They allow you to love yourself and feel better about your appearance.

Having this surgery should lift your buttocks and spirit without severely lowering your bank balance. That’s why we offer cost-effective cosmetic surgery. We do this by using medical tourism in the UK, Turkey, Spain, and Poland.

However, our service doesn’t stop at inexpensive medical procedures. We also arrange everything on your behalf from travel to accommodation. Your procedure will take place in a safe and accredited clinic that has been thoroughly vetted by our medical team. You can rest-assure that we only work with trusted partners who have a pristine track record.

If you want to love the way you look from both the front and back, then book your free consultation by clicking here.

Benefits of Bum Lifts:

  • Better toning for your bum
  • Increased confidence
  • Removes loose and baggy skin
  • Shorter recovery time compared to other cosmetic procedures
  • Lifts the bum and gives it volume

Bum Lifts:

Before the surgery takes place, you’ll be put under general anaesthetic. This means that you won’t feel a single thing. It’s like going to sleep and waking up without your insecurities. Instead, you’ll wake up feeling happy and confident about your behind.

Once the procedure starts, excess skin and fat will be removed from the area. The remaining skin is then pulled up and stitched in place to give your buttocks more volume. This gives your buttocks a tighter appearance. It removes any bagginess and leaves you with a firmer bum.

You might experience bruising and swelling for a few months after this treatment. At most, you’ll need a few days off work for a rest period and will need to avoid strenuous activity.

We expect you to have questions both before and after your surgery. That’s we provide a 24/7 UK coordinator for pre-and post-procedure support. No matter when you need us, there will always be someone on hand to help. You can start this process by clicking here and booking your initial consultation.

Before and After

Below are some before and after pictures of our clients’ bum lifts. Thanks to this procedure, our clients now feel as confident about their back as they do about their front.


Book a free consultation with our medical team and love your body today. Start the process by clicking here. During your consultation, we will talk you through the different countries and options that we have available. You can also ask us any lingering questions before you proceed.

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