What is Otoplasty?

Prominent or protruding ears can affect the confidence of many people; male or female young or old. The procedure known as an otoplasty surgery can make the ears less obvious, reduce the size and repair damage caused by accidents.

Otoplasty Surgery

Ear reshaping can be performed under general or local anaesthetic usually as a daycase procedure. An incision is made behind the ear in the fold where the ear meets your head. Cartilage and skin is usually removed or the ears pinned back with a few fine stitches.

The procedure takes around one hour, you will be expected to wear the supportive ear band for the 2-6 weeks and avoid getting the area wet for 7 days following your procedure. Due to the area of treatment it is very discrete swelling and bruising will be minimal, healing is not always a symmetrical process, a slight difference between right and left sides is not uncommon and usually evens out with time. Absolute symmetry cannot be guaranteed and it is best to avoid constant comparison.

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