Tummy Tuck

Procedure Overview:

Loose skin around the stomach is hard to shift. This is especially true if you have gone through childbirth or suffer from certain medical conditions. This baggy skin weighs us down. Not just physically, but mentally. Tummy tucks fix this issue. They tuck away excess skin and give you a thinner appearance.

What is a Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tucks are well named. That’s because the procedure does exactly what it say’s on the tin. It tucks your tummy in. More precisely, it tucks away and removes loose and baggy skin around the abdomen to give you a tighter and more toned physique.

Regardless of your gender, being unable to shift loose skin affects you the same. It gives you a poor self-image and leads to negative mental health issues. You shouldn’t lose the love that you have for yourself because you’ve lost weight too quickly, have experienced childbirth or have unwanted scaring.

So, if you’re tired of running on treadmills but still feeling unhappy with the way you look, then this procedure will bring you the confidence you need.

Tightening your body doesn’t mean that you also must tighten your purse strings. In other words, this procedure doesn’t have to come with a high cost. Well, not when you book with us.

To keep our life-changes procedures cost-effective, we offer safe and reliable medical tourism in the UK, Turkey, Spain, and Poland. This gives you access to high-class, safe procedures whilst keeping the cost within your budget.

However, cost-effective surgery doesn’t compromise on quality or safety when you work with us. That’s because we only work with experienced partners who have been thoroughly vetted by our medical team. All our partners clinics are accredited and have a pristine track record.

Book your free consultation with us today and remove the mental and physical weight that pulls you down. Click here to get started.

Benefits of Tummy Tucks:

  • Increase in confidence. Love yourself and your figure.
  • Tightens your core and increases your tolerance to intense exercise.
  • Repairs hernias
  • Removes excess skin and scars
  • Improves posture

Tummy Tucks:

The process starts with a consultation. This is an opportunity to ask any lingering questions. A consultation also allows us to check that this treatment is safe for you before we go any further.

Before the procedure takes place, you’re put under anaesthetic. You won’t feel any pain or discomfort during the surgery. Once you’re under, an incision is then made horizontally above the pubic region.

The skin that resides above this incision is then lifted. This allows the surgeon to strengthen your abdomen if you have any weakened muscles that need treating. The skin on your upper abdomen is then pulled down towards the pubic area.

Excess skin is trimmed away, and a hole is made for your belly button. Finally, the skin is stitched together. The best way to think of this procedure is like putting on a bed sheet. You’re taking the loose end and tightly pulling it towards the other end. This stretches out the loose skin and removes its baggy appearance. Your body looks firmer, and you feel happier.

You should make a full recovery within 4-6 weeks of having the surgery. This is a small period when compared to the lifetime of confidence that you’ll have.

We don’t expect you to go through the next steps alone. That’s we provide a 24/7 UK coordinator for pre-and post-procedure support. No matter when you need us, there will always be someone on hand to help. Start this process by clicking here and booking your initial consultation.

Before and After

Below are examples of tummy tucks that have been undertaken by our partners. The results shown in these pictures speak for themselves. Thanks to this procedure, our clients now love the way they look.


Book a free consultation with our medical team and love your body today. Start the process by clicking here. During your consultation, we will talk you through the different countries and options that we have available. You can also ask us any lingering questions before you proceed.

Alternately, please feel free to contact us with any questions in advance of your consultation. We understand that a cosmetic procedure is a big decision, and we want to make sure you have all the information you need before making it.